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INS is specializes in network communication and security solutions for SOHO, SMBs, Enterpriseindustry and automation as well as city automation infrastructure. In order to help you and your customers reduce system costs and gain greater accessibility to crucial data, INS is continually striving to achieve greater integration of all system components.

We are distributor of some of the most renowned brands regarding industrial IT and security.

INS is your Scandinavian partner for the next-generation IT Security!.


GetAccess Pro

Remote Date Online.

Remote data logging of industrial equipment / M2M, Automation and Process.

Cloud Data! - Access Your Data Anywhere with GetAccess.PRO


GetAccess.PRO is you BIG DATA cloud for all your machiens around the world, GetAccess.PRO make it easy to log, store and view your remote data a central place. 

We make the infrastructure, security and framework, you make the data and analyse the them. 


see more. GetAccess.PRO




Cyberoam on-Cloud Management Service (CCMS)

offers a simple, cost-effective way for partners to manage hundreds of Cyberoam appliances for multiple customers from a single interface, anywhere, anytime. This reduces support costs for partners, also improving your bottom line. Partners can have their own Security Operations Center (SOC) on the Cloud at zero investment, with a data center and web portal to manage customer appliances.

Cloud Management Service CCMS


eWON Flexy is world's first modular industrial M2M router.

eWON Flexy - den nye generation af VPN Remote access og M2M router/modem.

  • Modul opbygget platform
  • VPN Opkobling til Internettet via Ethernet WAN, 3G, Modem, WiFi klient.
  • Talk2M
  • Opkobling til PLC / HMI / SCADA via Ethernet, Serial, MPI.
  • Alarm input via Digital IO eller Analoge IO eller Tags i en PLC.
  • Alarm håndtering e-mail, SMS, Put HTML over HTTPS, M2Web API.
  • WEB HMI for grafisk interface, Som et HMI panel via Pc, iPad eller ligende.
  • Data logging og monitorering.    eWON Flexy

Flexy 3G Starter-kit. 3G til Ethernet og Seriel, kabinet monteret antenne og Talk2M Free+Pris: 3495kr

Cyberoam SCADA Security - Firewall

ICS & SCADA Security

Following a close coupling of IT and industrial control system environments, security risks now cascade from internet and corporate IT network into Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and SCADA networks. Cyberoam protects connected critical infrastructure against a bevy of cyber and network attacks with integrated threat protection, situational awareness and security controls for ICS including SCADA.



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